ISO (комично)

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Организационно в ISO входят руководящие и рабочие органы. Руководящие органы: Генеральная ассамблея (высший орган), Совет, Техническое руководящее бюро. Рабочие органы — технические Комитеты (ТК), подкомитеты, технические консультативные группы (ТКГ). Совету ISO подчиняется семь комитетов:

ПЛАКО (техническое бюро),

ПРОФКО (методическая и информационная помощь);

КАСКО (комитет по оценке соответствия);

ИНФКО (комитет по научно-технической информации);

ДЕВКО (комитет по оказанию помощи развивающимся странам);

КОПОЛКО (комитет по защите интересов потребителей);

РЕМКО (комитет по стандартным образцам).


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1. A television program airing in the hours immediately after most kids arrive home from school. These programs mostly attempt to teach youngsters about the dangers of premature sex and illegal drug use. These programs also tend to make kids and adults feel guilty about sexual feelings and perpetuate erectile disfuntion and other sexual problems which ultimatelly manifest into lower self-esteem and other psychological disorders.

2.  The act of using a mind altering substance immediatly after a long day at work or school.

Real thing! :)

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Arachibutyrophobia is the phobia related to the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Иванов Иван Иванович

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Placeholder names

“John Doe”, Jane Doe, Baby Doe names  used as  placeholder names in a legal action, case or discussion for a party, whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld for legal reasons. These names are also used to refer to a corpse or hospital patient whose identity is unknown. John Q. Public, Joe Public or John Smith

Additional persons may be called James Doe, Judy Doe, etc.

The phrase “Tom, Dick and Harry” is a placeholder for multiple unspecified people; “Tom, Dick or Harry” plays the same role for one unspecified person. The phrase most commonly occurs as “every Tom, Dick and Harry”, meaning everyone. Иванов, Петров, Сидоров, каждый встречный и поперечный— in Russian

John Q. Public is a generic name in the United States to denote a hypothetical member of society deemed a “common man.” He is presumed to represent the randomly selected “man on the street.” Similar terms include John Q. Citizen and John Q. Taxpayer, or Jane Q. Public, Jane Q. Citizen, and Jane Q. Taxpayer for a woman.

John Smith is a name often regarded as the archetype of a common personal name in most English-speaking countries, a generic name sometimes representing “everyman” or “the average person.”

The names Alice and Bob are commonly used placeholder names for archetypal characters in fields such as cryptography and physics. The names are used for convenience, since explanations such as “Person A wants to send a message to person B“.